1 week ago
We’ve lost Harold Budd. RIP. Godspeed. Thanks for the space. https://t.co/J17zDwxDNE
1 week ago
Ouroboros of extremism. If you’re sociology theory is too extreme for reddit, your bubble is served. https://t.co/07gMVaFAzC
1 week ago
Interactive Brokers down since 7:30a EST. That's pretty much horrible. https://t.co/sO2ymIUKLQ
2 weeks ago
Playing Kelly Roulette. Every time Loeffler says "radical left” I drank a shot. The bottle is now gone,,, and.. I.. vant.. neel..ma… fasse...
3 weeks ago
. #ParlerHacked . @newsmax calls #Biden. Cultists call to protest GA election by not voting in the senate run-off! Just when you think leopards couldn't possibly eat any more faces...more faces get eaten by leopards! https://t.co/ZXOCikH9XJ
4 weeks ago
45 is really just putting on a show that “is a tale … full of sound and fury; signifying nothing.” he really is our very own MacBeth reboot https://t.co/dyDfC1P2hW